• Name: Huang, Wen- Kuang
  • Job Duty: Supervising all general affairs
  • Telephone: +886-4-22053366 #1300、#1333


General Service Division

Division Chief Chi-Hsueh Lee
Ext. 1311
Substitute Yi-Shan Ma、Jia -Hua Lin
  1. Supervising all general service affairs
  2. Other assigned tasks 


Clerk Yi-Shan Ma
Ext. 1310
Substitute Tz-Wen Wang
  1. Procurement Process for College of Health Care, College of Public Health, Office of the President, Center of Continuing Education, Board of Directors, Office of Human Resources, Office of Environmental Safety and Health, Office of Finance, Center of Faculty Development, Office of General Affairs
  2. Construction and Maintenance Committee
  3. Departmental Annual Budget and Education Subsidy Planning and Compilation
  4. Annual Outsourcing Bidding
  5. Other assigned tasks


Clerk Tz-Wen Wang
Ext. 1315
Substitute  Yi-Shan Ma
  1. Procurement Process for College of Medicine, Department of Nutrition, Department of Biological Science and Technology, Department of Medical Research Biomedical Engineering Research and Development Center, Research and Development Center for Immunology, Research Center for Tumor Medical Science, Research Center for Biodiversity
  2. Drinking Water Facility Maintenance
  3. Tender Project Compilation
  4. Procurement Information Announcement Webpage Management
  5. Improvement and Management of Administrative Information System
  6. Other assigned tasks


Clerk Ching-Lun Huang
Ext. 1313
Substitute Wu-Shang Lin
  1. Procurement Process for College of Pharmacy, Research Center for Chinese Herbal Medicine,Research Center for Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Master’s Program for Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Center of General Education, Arts Center
  2. Greening Procurement Process
  3. Ministry of the Interior Priority Procurement Platform for Internet Information
  4. Telecommunications Charges Verification
  5. General Service Section Webpage Management
  6. Gift Application, Procurement, Verification
  7. Other assigned tasks


Member Wu-Shang Lin
Ext. 1316
Substitute Ching-Lun Huang
  1. Campus Cleaning Management
  2. Faculty and Students Restaurant Management
  3. Security Management
  4. School Workers Management
  5. Gardening Management
  6. Laboratory Safety On-site Inspection
  7. General Waste Management
  8. Recycling Management
  9. Other assigned tasks


Clerk Jia-Hua Lin
Ext. 1351
Substitute  Yi-Shan Ma
  1. Procurement process for Teaching Excellence Project and Development and Center for General Education
  2. An-Nan Hospital Procurement Monitoring
  3. Shui-Nan Campus Construction Management
  4. Machinery and Fire Safety and Protection Management
  5. Laboratory Access Control System Management
  6. Other assigned tasks


Contract  Staff Pei-Jun Huang
Ext. 1312
Substitute  Jia -Hua Lin
  1. Procurement process for Office of Student Affairs, Office of Physical Education, Office of International and Public affairs, Information Center, Library, Office of Academia-Industry Cooperation, Office of Academic Affairs and Office of Graduate Student Affairs
  2. Classroom Facility Management
  3. Teaching Supplementary Facility Management
  4. Other assigned tasks


Contract Staff Tzu-Han Hung
Ext. 1318
Substitute Pei-Jun Huang
  1. Procurement process for Office of Research
  2. Shuttle Online Application System Management
  3. Classroom and Meeting-room Reservation Management
  4. Activity Facility Management
  5. Biomedical Infectious Medical Waste Transport Management
  6. Driver and Official Vehicles Management
  7. Other assigned tasks


Contract Staff Wen-Sheng Lin
Ext. 1317
Substitute Jia -Hua Lin
  1. Air Conditioning Management
  2. Check construction and repair on campus
  3. Manage safety facilities on campus
  4. Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Project
  5. Elevators Equipment Management
  6. Fire Safety Equipment Management
  7. Disability Friendly Facilities Management
  8. Other assigned tasks


Property Management Division

Division Chief Ching-Chun Wu
Ext. 1322
Substitute I-Ling Mei
  1. Supervising all property management affairs
  2. other assigned tasks


Clerk Li-Jung Ho
Ext. 1326
Substitute Ning-Hsin Liu
  1. Budget Payment
  2. Allowance Management
  3. Bank Business Management and Record Keeping/Balance Sheet
  4. Payment slips and CD-Saving Affairs


Contract Staff Ning-Hsin Liu
Ext. 1325
Substitute  Li-Jung Ho
  1. Faculty and Student Salary Management
  2. Research Project and Personnel aymentManagement
  3. Income Tax and Withholding Statement Mailing
  4. Counter Transactions


Member I-Ling Mei
Ext. 1323
Substitute Hua-Hsiang Chen
  1. Update Property Manage System and Property Categorization: Procurement Verification Process for College of Life Sciences, College of Chinese Medicine, College of Health Care, College of Pharmacy
  2. Contracted Merchant Performance Bond and Maintenance Bond Verification
  3. Land Purchase
  4. Lifu Parking Lot Management


Technician Ching-Hui Pan
Ext. 1327
Substitute Hua-Hsiang Chen
  1. Update Property Manage System and Property Categorization:Procurement Verification Process for College of Public Health
  2. Patent Management
  3. Chung-Tseng Parking Lot Application, Fu-jian Parking payment verification
  4. Inventory Check


Clerk Jui-Fen Wu
Ext. 1321
Substitute I-Ling Mei
  1. Real Estate Management, Campus Land and Building Area Calculation
  2. Property Numbering
  3. Property Transfer and Abandonment
  4. Key Management
  5. Campus Spacing Cabinet
  6. Graduation Gown Management
  7. An-Kang Motorcycle Parking Lot Management


Documentation Division

Division Chief Li-Hua Lee
Ext. 1333
Substitute  Ying Chen
  1. Supervising all documentation division affairs
  2. Seal Imprint
  3. Collect and organize all office of general affairs service
  4. Other assigned tasks


Associate Clerk

Ying Chen


Subtitute Yun-Yun Wu
  1. Manage official document dispatcher
  2. Official document Filing and Monitoring
  3. Web maintenance
  4. Manage laws and regulations database
  5. Office of General Affairs Meetings
  6. Other assigned tasks 


Contract Staff Yun-Yun Wu
Ext. 1335
Substitute  Ying Chen
  1. Manage official documents dispatch
  2. In charge of every unit's postal statistic and vertification
  3. In charge of graduation's and school anniversary's Thank you letter
  4. Manage application and vertification works
  5. Other assigned tasks 


Staff Yi-Jiun Lin
Ext. 1332
Substitute Ying Chen
  1. External Document Receiver/Dispatcher
  2. Postal Agency Service